Southeastern Wood Products, Inc.

Southeastern Wood Products was started in 1989 with two ambitious owners, Mike Grogan and Tommy Snipes. The duo came from totally different backgrounds, but were able to come together to create a thriving business in what we consider a very “niche” market. The company began as a turning/carving small business, but quickly started to diversify in to other areas. In addition to turnings and carvings, we now have a wide-range of capabilities due to our skilled employees and the right equipment for each job. Some of our products include various wood-constructed frames (chair, base, ottoman), headboards/footboards, custom imported components, custom upholstery, and finishing capabilities. Many of our products have been used to facilitate hotel/motel, health care, residential, and many other outlets within the furniture industry.

Our goal is to allow customers the ability to obtain high quality wood parts at a very cost-effective price.