The primary wood species that is used on our products include Maple, Cherry, Ash, Rubberwood, Poplar, Pine, and Fir. We do, however, offer to manufacture any species that is available on a custom basis through one of our dimension-stock suppliers.


We specialize in turning dimension squares on our lathes in to feet, legs, and posts for a plethora of various uses. All of our exposed wooden parts are bored (if requested), hanger bolted (if requested), and hand sanded prior to being shipped out. 

Majority of our turned products are used to complete sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, and even kitchens. We are able to turn up to 8” in width and close to 45” in length. Most of out products are the result of CAD drawing provided by each customer on a custom basis.


Another capability of ours is frames construction and assembly. We are able to run a multitude of different chair, ottoman, and sofa frames due to our expertise, skilled workers, and appropriate machinery. We price our frames as either assembled or knock-down-kit “KD” parts. 

CNC Router Work

In 2014, we partnered with CMS and purchased a Balestrini “Twister” 5-axis CNC Router to Martinsville, VA to facilitate our customer’s needs. This machine has allowed us to take on business that we couldn’t at one time, due to the complexity. 

Most recent, in 2017, we partnered with a local business, C.R. Onsrud and acquired a “Roller Hold Down Series” 3-axis CNC Router. This piece of equipment, again, allowed us to keep up with our customer’s plywood needs for chair and sofa frames along with headboards and footboards.

Custom Imported Components

Southeastern Wood Products works along-side Chinese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese manufacturing facilities to meet some of our customer’s needs as well. We have the ability to bring in customized legs, either finished or unfinished depending on the order, to add another level to our product mix. 

Other Capabilities

·      Door panels – we are capable of making “most sizes” of panels to fit in door frames. These are typically made from Fir or Pine panels.

·      Upholstery – we work along-side an established upholstery company that is right here in our very own building. With them, we are able to offer customers turn-key jobs from start to finish on upholstered jobs. From headboards to sofas, we can meet all upholstery needs.

·      Finishing – we are also capable of offering finished products as well. We’re able to offer finishing on door panels, turned feet/legs/posts, and chairs/ottoman frames.